Monday, 4 July 2011

RF as weapons.

RF (radio frequency) has many applications since its discovery by German physicist Heinrich Hertz (19th century).

Nowadays, its application is innumerable. We use RF to transmit and receive audio and video signals in wireless telecommunications, as detection means in military thru radar application, an also for household applications such as microwave cooking.

As i m moving into my private research from the start of this summer holiday, i am also researching into RF. My vision is to utilize Rf as weapon against gang-violence and gang bang.

This idea stemmed from a film I watched before. Its a science fiction film where there was a part where one of the character introduces RF when he was surrounded by the enemies, paralysing them temporarily for preset time interval while he remained immortal due to special gadjet he wore on his ears.

I am taking that part of the film seriously as an idea to develop RF weapon, especially for woman who has to walk alone at night and exposed to various gang crime such as gang rape, or just to benefit anyone whether u are man or woman from gang assaults.

Apart from that, I have also gained an idea few years before from a story told by my friend when he watched a pokie machine ( a type of slot machine usually depicting the characters from pokemon series) . He said to his friend ( while i was listening to them) that he felt somewhat sleepy after watching the lights ( notably red and purple lights ) flashing alternately in front of him from the pokie machine.

Again, I took this story seriously as an idea. I bet that alternately changing electromagnetic wave ( light is also electromagnetic wave as concluded by James Clerk Maxwell), or by generalizing it, alternately changing frequency of RF can be used as a mean to manipulate the enemies cognitive function.

However, i am still researching the method to immortalize ourselve from the RF while weakening our enemies with that. I hope by the end of this summer i will come to a fruitful solution.

And btw, Nikola Tesla from his research had succesfully produced a sleep-inducing machine, which i see as an encouragement that RF (or electromagnetic wave) is indeed useful as cognitive-manipulating weapon.

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