Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Modified ZVS oscillator with centre-tapped/ double capacitors

Hi everyone! Finally I m back after around 3 years on hiatus... I was so busy with my job thus I have no time for experimentation, which without experiments, nothing to update on this blog.

Btw,  recently I have some time to come back to analysing ZVS oscillator which I have tested before

New problem struck me on how do I connect any salvaged transformer from electrical appliances to ZVS whereas the transformer is having single winding primary and not centre tapped one?

To solve this, I have made a modification on the original ZVS driver; by swapping the centre tapped coil with centre tapped capacitor/ double capacitors. Which means that, this new driver's output can be fed directly to any primary of salvaged transformers which mainly consist of single winding primary and not the centre tapped one.

 Here is the modified ZVS circuit;

The frequency of oscillation is determined by the capacitances of two capacitors, C1 and C2 and the inductance of the primary winding.

 Thats all!

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